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Are you a business owner in Pittsburgh or Allegheny County looking for legal advice regarding your contracts? Look no further than The Cooney Law Offices. Our contract law attorneys provide comprehensive contract drafting and reviewing services to help you understand, negotiate, and manage the critical details of business contracts. Whether it’s a partnership agreement, service contract, or other type of business agreement, we’ll make sure your contracts comply with Pennsylvania laws and fit your specific needs.
Protect your business’s future by ensuring your contracts are on point. Contact us today for a confidential legal consultation with a contract drafting attorney.

Why You Need Legal Representation for Drafting and Reviewing Contracts

Having a skilled attorney by your side when drafting and reviewing business contracts can give your company a significant edge. First, lawyers are trained to understand the intricate language used in legal documents. They can craft contracts that clearly outline your responsibilities and rights, which helps prevent misunderstandings and disputes. Moreover, a lawyer can ensure that your contracts comply with all current, relevant Pennsylvania laws. This compliance not only protects you from legal issues but also creates enforceable contracts for your company.
Additionally, not having legal representation can expose your business to significant risks. Without a lawyer’s review, contracts might contain errors or ambiguous terms that could be interpreted against your interests. In worst-case scenarios, these mistakes could lead to costly contract disputes or lost business opportunities. An attorney can also play a crucial role in identifying potential risks in contractual agreements and suggesting modifications to safeguard your interests.
By hiring a lawyer for contract drafting and review, you invest in the security and stability of your business. This proactive approach can save you from future legal headaches and contribute to your company’s long-term success.

Why Choose The Cooney Law Offices as Your Legal Firm?

Choosing The Cooney Law Offices to handle your contract drafting and reviewing needs means partnering with a team deeply committed to your company’s success. Our firm stands out for our extensive experience and proactive approach to business law and contract litigation. Led by James and Ryan Cooney, our business law team brings a wealth of experience to the table. Not only are we skilled in contract drafting and review, but we are also experienced in litigating contractual issues. We’ll use the totality of our contract-related know-how to provide the robust representation your unique situation requires.
Our firm has a strong focus on both front-end business advice and handling complex legal disputes. We are particularly adept at handling commercial bankruptcy and restructuring matters, which complements our contract law practice to your benefit. This in-depth knowledge helps us anticipate potential legal issues and address them before they become problematic.
Moreover, our firm’s commitment to responsive and personalized service helps ensure that you receive attentive and timely law advice whenever you need it. We treat your business challenges as their own, striving to offer solutions that are legally sound, practical, and business-savvy. Our understanding of the pressures small businesses face makes us an ideal partner for any business owner looking to secure their operations with well-drafted, secure contracts​.

Business Contracts We Can Draft for You

We offer comprehensive drafting services for a wide range of business contracts. Whether you’re setting up a business for the first time, establishing new partnerships, managing real estate, or securing your business operations, our tailored contracts ensure that your legal and commercial needs are met. Here are some of the common types of contracts we can draft for you:
  • Partnership Agreements: These contracts establish the roles, responsibilities, and profit-sharing ratios of all partners.
  • Service Agreements: A service agreement outlines the terms of service between a business and its clients or contractors, detailing deliverables, intellectual property rights if appropriate, timelines, and payment terms.
  • Employment Contracts: Employment agreements define the terms of someone’s role with your company, including duties, salary, benefits, and grounds for termination.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs): Properly crafted NDAs protect your proprietary information and trade secrets.
  • Sales Contracts: A sales contract governs the sale of goods and services between two companies, ensuring that all transaction details are clearly stated and legally binding.
  • Lease Agreements: These agreements detail the terms for renting business premises or equipment.
  • Real Estate Contracts: A real estate contract covers all aspects of buying, selling, or leasing real estate while ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Shareholder Agreements: Shareholder contracts specify the rights and obligations of a company’s shareholders, including how shares are issued and transferred.
  • Purchase Orders: Purchase orders formalize the terms for purchasing goods from suppliers, including quantities, prices, and delivery dates.

Our Contract Review Services

The Cooney Law Offices provide meticulous contract review services to ensure that your business agreements conform with your company’s interests while complying with applicable laws. In any business deal, reviewing potential contracts can identify any unfavorable terms, ambiguous language, or compliance issues that could pose risks to your enterprise.
At our firm, the contract review process involves a thorough examination of each clause to safeguard your rights and ensure the terms are fair and enforceable. This proactive approach not only prevents potential legal disputes but also strengthens your business’s position by ensuring all agreements support your strategic objectives. Trust The Cooney Law Offices to provide the insightful and detailed contract review necessary to protect your business and enhance its success.

Common Contract Disputes We Can Help With

We are well-equipped to handle the various contract disputes that can arise during the life of a business. By applying our in-depth understanding of contract law and our knowledge of your business, we strive to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively, aiming to minimize disruption to your operations. Here are some common contract disputes we can help you with:
  • Breach of Contract: A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to fulfill their obligations as stipulated in an agreement. We can help enforce the contract and seek reparations for any losses you incurred.
  • Contract Interpretation Disputes: Differences in understanding and interpreting contract terms can lead to disputes. We can help clarify legal ambiguities and advocate for your position.
  • Non-Delivery of Goods or Services: If a vendor fails to deliver goods or services on time or delivers subpar results, we can assist you in resolving these issues through legal avenues.
  • Non-Compliance with Contract Terms: When one party does not adhere to contractual terms regarding quality, timelines, or other specifications, we can help enforce compliance or negotiate settlements.
  • Employment Contract Issues: We can provide legal strategies to address and resolve disputes over employment terms, wrongful termination, and non-compete clauses.
  • Lease Disputes: We can negotiate or litigate any disputes over commercial lease agreements, such as terms of lease, payment issues, or property use rights to protect your business interests.

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Well-crafted contracts are the foundation of any successful business, and The Cooney Law Offices can help prevent any cracks in that foundation. Whether you are looking for contract drafting tips, need a skilled attorney to review an agreement, or need help addressing a contract dispute, our team can give you the guidance you need.

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