Commercial Bankruptcy

Shepherding Businesses Through Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The Cooney Law Offices can help if your company is struggling and your debts have ballooned. Chapter 11 bankruptcy provides a reprieve from creditors and an opportunity to restructure and get back in the black.

Our Pittsburgh attorneys have a strong history with commercial bankruptcy in Allegheny County and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania. They have guided small businesses as well as sizeable corporations through Chapter 11 reorganization.

Creditors’ Rights in Commercial Bankruptcy

Are You a Candidate for a Workout or Bankruptcy Alternative?

Many commercial clients who think they need bankruptcy protection are better served by a loan workout or debt restructuring. Our lawyers will explore all your options to find the best solution for your business.

Creditor Relief and Reorganization Under Chapter 11

Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy puts all creditor actions on hold, including collections, judgments and commercial foreclosure proceedings. If your business is underwater due to debt and cash flow problems, our attorneys’ roles are to help you take stock and chart a path to solvency. The main component is a plan of reorganization that spells out how your company will repay debts over time. The Chapter 11 plan must be confirmed by your creditors, so it has to strike a balance between writing off debts and keeping your business afloat.

Ryan Cooney formerly worked for the renowned Robert O Lampl Law Office, where he represented large debtors in complex and high-stakes commercial bankruptcies. He is an officer of the Bankruptcy and Commercial Law Section of the Allegheny Bar Association

Creditors’ Rights in Commercial Bankruptcy

In addition to helping debtor businesses with Chapter 11 reorganizations, Ryan Cooney has represented commercial creditors and buyers of assets in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. He recently served as trustee in the GW Ridge bankruptcy, bringing claims against the pipeline company and distributing recoveries to creditors. Ryan also has extensive experience representing debtors and creditors in U.S. Bankruptcy Court adversary proceedings over fraudulent transfers and preferential payments.

Personal Bankruptcy for Small Business Owners

At The Cooney Law Offices, Ryan Cooney is frequently engaged to defend business owners and partners who are on the hook for business debts through personal guarantees. He helps those owners file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or other debt relief.

Rescue for Distressed Businesses

Explore the pros and cons of Chapter 11 business bankruptcy with our eminently qualified lawyer. To arrange a consultation with Ryan Cooney, call our Pittsburgh office at 412-546-1234 or reach out by email.

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