Business Support

The Cooney Law Offices partners with Pittsburgh business owners for both the big troubles and the day-to-day challenges of commercial enterprise. Clients rely on our experienced attorneys for solid advice, creative problem-solving and robust representation.


James Cooney and Ryan Cooney are father-and-son trial lawyers with extensive experience in business and civil litigation. Whether it’s a breach of contract, construction lien, commercial lease or a rift in the partnership, we act swiftly to safeguard your interests and broker a practical resolution.

From years of litigating business disputes, we’ve seen the patterns of where things go wrong. We draw on those insights to advise clients on all facets of startup, contracts and transactions to foster commercial success and sidestep legal trouble.

Rescuing Distressed Businesses

The Cooney Law Offices has guided companies big and small through Chapter 11 reorganization, helping to present a plan to creditors and chart a course back to solvency. Or perhaps you are a candidate for a loan workout or out-of-court debt restructuring. We also regularly defend businesses in adversary proceedings in U.S. Bankruptcy Court over claims of fraudulent transfers or preference payments.

Many clients are owners or partners in a small business who are overexposed from personal guarantees for debts of the business. We help those owners (and other individuals) protect their assets both inside and outside of bankruptcy proceedings.

We Make Your Problems Our Own

As a family firm, we understand the pressures of a small business. We strive to be accessible and responsive to our clients, and to tackle your legal issues promptly with energy and attention to detail.

The Cooney Law Offices serves Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, and surrounding communities of Butler, Westmoreland, Washington and Beaver counties. Call us today at 412-753-6272 or use the email form.