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In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. Except as a commercial buyer, there is more to consider. You want the best price, location, and space available with as little stress and headache as possible. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong in commercial real estate purchase and lease transactions. To protect yourself, your company, and your assets, you need the help only an experienced Pittsburgh and Allegheny County commercial real estate lawyer can provide. 

Property law can be a tricky area. Commercial leasing, real estate planning, and property issues can get complicated fast. At The Cooney Law Offices, our real estate lawyers can help prepare you for what’s ahead and work with you to meet your goals and address your concerns. Our skilled legal team understands how to handle real estate challenges and successfully represent clients in commercial transactions. 
Whether you are a buyer or seller, our legal team can help you smoothly manage the commercial real estate purchase or leasing process. We are ready to provide responsive and robust legal representation from financing to closing. Contact our office today at 412-546-1234 and arrange for a consultation. We are happy to serve Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and the surrounding communities. 

When Do You Need a Commercial Real Estate Attorney?

Unfortunately, many people wait until there is a problem to hire an experienced commercial real estate lawyer. Working with an attorney before you commit to a commercial real estate purchase or lease is always in your best interest. Allegheny County Real Estate law can be complicated. You give yourself the best chance at obtaining a favorable result when you work with a knowledgeable real estate lawyer. 
At The Cooney Law Offices, we offer sophisticated and personalized legal assistance to businesses big and small. With years of experience in the industry, we know our way around the commercial real estate market. We can help you find and secure the perfect property while avoiding many of the most common pitfalls, like property zoning issues and real estate disputes. We offer tenant representation and landlord representation. 
Before entering one of the potentially biggest deals of your career, seek the advice of a real estate attorney who understands the Pittsburgh and Allegheny County market. 

Commercial Real Estate Services and Common Areas of Real Estate Law 

Commercial real estate purchases and leases are a core area of our law practice. Our legal team intimately knows the Pittsburgh and Allegheny County commercial real estate markets. We are passionate about using our skills and resources to help you score the property you need to fulfill your goals and business plans. 
We routinely handle complex real estate cases and contracts and can represent clients in all manner of commercial real estate transactions. Some of the commercial real estate services we provide include: 
  • Property acquisition
  • Office space leasing
  • Office space lease agreement
  • Commercial leases with an option to purchase
  • Commercial subleases
  • Property management agreements
  • Financing commercial property
  • Landlord-tenant matters
  • Construction and site development contracts
  • Commercial real estate litigation 
  • Commercial foreclosures
  • Easements and restrictive covenants
  • Liens and title disputes
No matter your commercial real estate or leasing situation, we are ready to help you. Our commercial real estate lawyers perform due diligence in each case so that our clients feel confident in their business plans. We aim to save you time, money, and stress. 

Pennsylvania Commercial Leasing Laws 

Commercial leasing laws are nothing like residential ones and can vary from state to state. Businesses conducting real estate purchases and leases may need help navigating the patchwork of laws and regulations that apply to the commercial market. At The Cooney Law Offices, we understand Pennsylvania commercial leasing laws and can help you understand the rules and regulations that may impact your business and leasing decisions. 
Most commercial tenants are not afforded the same rights as residential tenants. Pennsylvania landlords have no legal responsibility to mitigate damages to their property unless specifically outlined in the commercial lease. Additionally, specific language and terms added to a lease can override particular tenant and landlord protections. 
Before signing on the dotted line and entering into any commercial lease, allow an experienced attorney to review the lease terms. Do not risk entering into an unfair or unbalanced leasing agreement. Let a real estate attorney review all agreements to protect your personal and professional interests.  

Commercial Real Estate Disclosure Laws 

Another difference between real estate and residential property is that residential property owners must disclose significant issues with the property to potential buyers, or they risk opening themselves up to lawsuits. The same is not always true for commercial properties. There are more relaxed standards for commercial properties, meaning the burden of due diligence is on your shoulders. You must inspect the property and discover potential issues for yourself. 

Working with a knowledgeable commercial real estate attorney at The Cooney Law Offices means you have access to the knowledge and resources of experienced lawyers who can investigate and uncover issues before they become problems for you and your business.

Commercial Real Estate and Leasing Litigation 

Due to the complexities involved in commercial real estate transactions, the potential for litigation always exists. When the other side fails to uphold their end of the purchase agreement or leasing terms, litigation may be the best option for resolving property issues and real estate disputes. 
At The Cooney Law Offices, we have an extensive track record of helping business clients resolve commercial property issues. Whether you are a seller, buyer, tenant, or landlord, we know how to move through the Pennsylvania court system effectively. Our goal is to secure the most favorable result possible according to the circumstances of your situation. We can help you with:
  • Breach of contract in the sale, purchase, or lease of a property
  • Construction litigation
  • Land use and zoning appeals
  • Adverse possession and quiet title claims
  • Real estate ownership disputes 
  • Boundary lines and easement disputes 
  • Commercial lease eviction disputes 
  • Eminent domain 

We want to protect you, your assets, and your business. Do not let litigation slow down your plans or progress. Enlist the help of a seasoned commercial real estate attorney. Our legal team can explore all your legal options and aggressively work to resolve real estate disputes. 

Our Responsive Business Lawyers Are Here to Help You 

At The Cooney Law Offices, we are acutely aware of the numerous challenges facing businesses and individuals who wish to enter the commercial real estate market in Pittsburgh and other Allegheny County communities. We want to help you overcome those challenges and make the commercial real estate buying, selling, or leasing process as smooth as possible so you can focus on your other goals. Our effective and responsive commercial real estate lawyers can ensure that you meet the requirements of all applicable Pennsylvania property laws, giving you peace of mind. 

For more information, contact our office today and request a legal consultation. Let’s discuss your real estate needs, goals, and concerns so we can personalize a strategic approach for you. We want to protect you, your assets, and your business.

Enlist the help of a seasoned commercial real estate attorney. Our legal team can explore all your legal options and aggressively work to resolve real estate disputes. Call 412-546-1234 now.

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